Burr Set

UNOGRINDER is designed for coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee lovers. It is built to be used as a daily coffee grinder at home, work, or on the go.

A unibody design of aluminum enhances the durability, while a textured surface provides extra grip.

A titanium-coated stainless steel burr set provides a precise grind and an extended service life.

A dual ball bearing setup for the driveshaft ensures an ultra-smooth and stable function.

The burr geometry is designed to achieve a higher grinding speed and the highest performance in grind particle distribution and consistency. This makes it ideal to be used for both espresso and filtered coffee.

The adjustment dial has 24 clicks per rotation to ensure dialing in the espresso grind size is achivable.

Grind setting guideline:

UNOG Puck Screens

Enhance your extraction and protect your espresso machine by UNOG espresso puck screens